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While in terms of planetary activity on the romantic and relationship fronts there is nothing out of the ordinary, apart from Mars making his first visit to your relationship sector in two years, this is a better than average year on both fronts and this will be evident from the start. The fact that you begin the year with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your relationship sector is not uncommon and is what you would expect. However, while the Sun, as is normally the case will leave on 20th January both Venus and Mercury are reluctant to leave. Venus begins the year in retrograde motion while Mercury, who will leave on 2nd January will retrograde back in for a double dip visit on 26th January.

This will keep Mercury in your relationship sector until 12th February and Venus until 6th March, giving the planets of communication and love a lot of time to impact your relationships in the early part of the year. With Mars returning from 25th January to 6th March, he will be here in time to help you get the most out of this. With Pluto, the planet of change and revolution here from 2008 to 2024, this is a chance for some heart led change. This will also ensure that when Venus and Mars leave on 6th March there is continuity. It is later in the year that Mercury will return on 7th December, Venus on 10th December and the Sun on 22nd December in order to do it all over again.

Meanwhile, January will also host a surprise development on the romantic front, when the South Node returns to your romantic sector on 19th January. Until leaving in July 2023, the South Node will keep the spirit of romance alive while also setting the scene for where the eclipses will fall, starting with a total lunar eclipse in your romantic sector on 16th May. While all planetary activity will be within the Sun’s month long visit to your romantic sector from 23rd October to 22nd November, a solar eclipse on 25th October will give the spirit of romance a massive boost. This comes just as Venus, the planet of love will be working to make 23rd October to 16th November the most romantically charged weeks of the year.

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