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The fact that Venus, the planet of love will start and end the year in Capricorn is not unusual but in this case, it really is a sign that 2022 is destined to be a good year for love and all things romantic. Because the Sun will always begin and end the year in Capricorn and Venus will always be close by, means that this is not unusual though not guaranteed. However, normally this would be an advantage for a few days or weeks at most, but Venus will get the year off to a romantically charged start. Venus returned for what should have been a 24 day visit to your Capricorn in November but instead, a retrograde turn will keep her here until 6th March. What makes this auspicious is that you not only begin the year with Venus in retrograde motion in Capricorn but Uranus in retrograde motion in your romantic sector.

Uranus will turn direct on 19th January and the timing couldn’t be more auspicious, with the North Node returning to your romantic sector on the same day. In your romantic sector from 19th January 2022 to 18th July 2023, as well as giving matters of the heart a sense of direction and opening new pathways, this sets the scene for a series of eclipses. The North Node is always focused on the future and returning on the same day that Uranus turns direct will make this a major turning point. Venus will turn direct on 29th January, keeping the doors open to the past and second chances for another 10 days. This will get the year off to a romantically charged start and it will stay that way.

Matters of the heart will get another boost when the faster moving planets move through your romantic sector, starting with Mercury’s return on 11th April and ending with Mars’ departure on 20th August. They won’t all be here at the same time, with a gap between Venus’ departure on 23rd June and Mars return on 5th July. However, this spreads things out in order to provide maximum coverage. Also giving matters of the heart a boost will be a solar eclipse on 1st May and a total lunar eclipse on 9th November. Meanwhile, while there is minimum planetary activity on the relationship front this year the Sun, Mercury and Venus will be doing their best to make their time here from 21st June to 12th August count.

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