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Just starting the year with Mars in your work sector is going to get the year off to a good, albeit a potentially busy start. It has been nearly two years since Mars was last here and his return in December 2021 came with perfect timing. Mars returned while the Sun was still here, so was able to piggyback off the ordinary planetary activity that plays out on the job front in the final months of each year. This gave Mars everything he needed to drive things forward and until leaving on 25th January will be working to gain as much momentum as possible. With the South Node leaving on 19th January, this means that when Mars leaves, apart from the Moon’s return every four weeks, this will end all cosmic focus on work and job matters until the Sun and Venus return in November.

However, the start that Mars is able to get the year off to this is something that work and job matters will continue to benefit from. However, after a busy end to 2021 and start to 2022, you will be grateful for a chance to catch your breath before the next wave begins, this time on the career front. While the dwarf planet Eris has been in your career sector since 1926 and her direct turn on 11th January will give career matters the green light, she is not a major player and is more the warrior spirit that you can tap into when needed. The most active months of the year on the career front begin with the Sun’s return to your career sector on 21st March, something that will always turn the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options at this time each year.

Yet even when the Sun leaves on 20th April and Mercury, who is here from 27th March to 11th April is gone there will be a sense but no actual proof that there are game changing developments just around the corner. It is in the early days of May that everything changes and in a way that will change the whole dynamics of this professional year. It begins with Venus’ late return on 3rd May but it is eight days later that Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will return for the first time in over a decade. Here until 28th October but then returning again from 21st December where he will stay until May 2023, this is the start of a major period of professional growth and expansion. Even Mars, returning from 24th May to 5th July will get in on the act.

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