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This is one professional year that is destined to grow on you, with the professional gods leaving the best to last but also creating a year where the momentum and opportunities will progressively increase. However, this will see the year get off to a relatively quiet start, with the North Node’s departure from your work sector on 19th January not only ending all cosmic focus on work and job matters for the first time since early 2020 but taking away some constant pressure. Since May 2020 the lunar nodes have been policing how well you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off, something that you might not appreciate until it's gone. While the most active months on the job front don’t begin until April, the dwarf planet Ceres’ return on 9th February to 15th May will be a chance to once again review your needs and priorities on the job front.

Ceres had been doing this before retrograding back out at the end of last year, returning with a fresh perspective. This means that when Mercury returns to your work sector on 30th April you will begin this next chapter aware of your needs and priorities. This is early for Mercury to return, with the Sun not returning to put the solar spotlight on work and job matters until 21st May. It is a retrograde turn on 11th May that will not only keep Mercury here but will see him retrograde back out on 23rd May, only to return for a second visit from 14th June to 5th July. With the Sun here from 21st May to 21st June, Mercury will leave and return during his month long visit. This means that Mercury will still be here when held back by her own retrograde phase, Venus will finally return from 23rd June to 18th July.

However, yet again this will see the professional gods kicking the can down the street, with Mars’ return on 20th August ushering in a third wave of planetary activity on the job front, something that once again will be impacted by a retrograde phase. This time it is Mars’ retrograde turn on 31st October that will keep the warrior planet of the cosmos here until March 2023, turning what is normally a six week visit into an eight month stay. This will put Mars here when the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through your career sector, which they will do from 26th August to 30th October.

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