Annual Overview

Because the Sun will always spend the last 10 days and the first three weeks of every year in Capricorn, you will always move into a new solar and calendar year at the same time. Because Venus and Mercury will always travel with the Sun though not always at the same time, starting the year with both here is not unusual but is a chance to start the year with heart and mind on the same page. What is unusual is the fact that Venus not only returned for what should have been a 24 day visit but begins the year in retrograde motion. Mercury, who will leave Capricorn on 2nd January is bitten by the same nostalgic bug and will retrograde back in on 26th January, three days before Venus’ direct turn on 29th January.

By then your birthday month will not only be over but with Venus and Mercury in retrograde motion, you will not only looking back but it might feel like you are waiting for something. That something is Mars’ who will return on 25th January, just a day before Mercury returns. Venus’ direct turn on 29th January and Mercury’s on 4th February will give everything the green light. While Mercury will leave on 15th February Venus and Mars will both stay on until 6th March, giving this year a massive head start. It is then that they will both return to your income sector, after the Sun has moved on but while Mercury is still here. Here they will meet up with Saturn and as the planets of money and passion, they will use his discipline and focus to exploit the income potential Jupiter created last year.

It is on 6th April that Venus will follow Jupiter into your communication sector, with Mars returning on 15th April to declare war on communication barriers for the first time in nearly two years. This comes just as Jupiter finally catches up with Jupiter, creating a rare coming together of the planets of luck, dreams, love and passion, all focused on all aspects of communication. Once they catch up with Jupiter Venus and Mars will be reluctant to let him go, with Venus returning to your home and family sector on 3rd May, just eight days ahead of Jupiter. Mars will return on 24th May, shifting this powerful alliance onto home, family and/or property matters. It is here that Jupiter will stay until 28th October before returning for a double dip visit to your communication sector, then returning again on 21st December where he will stay until May 2023.


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