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In terms of planetary activity, things are fairly balanced on the job and career fronts in that there will be limited and finite periods of planetary activity and with Mars visiting neither this year, where things are evenly balanced. It also means that there will be no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses during the early months of the year. However, there will be more weight on career matters and access to untapped professional potential thanks to the South Node’s return to your career sector on 19th January. Until leaving in July 2023, this will not only keep you connected to the past and untapped professional potential, this will set the scene for a pair of important eclipses.

The first will be a total lunar eclipse on 16th May and the second a solar eclipse on 25th October. While each has the potential to trigger major professional developments the South Node, the force behind those eclipses, will be active all year. That will be especially so when the faster moving planets move through your career sector, starting with the Sun’s return on 23rd October. Until leaving on 22nd November, as is always the case each year this will shine the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options and it is while the Sun is here that it will align with the Moon to create the solar eclipse on 25th October. Venus’ visit from 23rd October to 16th November and Mercury’s from 30th October to 17th November will add to the momentum on the career front.

Meanwhile, apart from a Full Moon in your work sector on 18th January, there will be no planetary activity on the job front until the dwarf planet Ceres returns on 15th May. Even then, Ceres is less focused on day to day matters and instead, returns for the first time in four years in order to update your needs and priorities on the job front. As Ceres won’t leave until 24th July, this is something that will continue even when the planets that can make things happen return. The Sun will move through your work sector from 21st June to 23rd July, shining the solar spotlight on work and job matters as it does at this time each year. Mercury’s return from 5th July to 20th July and Venus’ from 18th July to 12th August will contribute to a short, sharp burst of planetary activity on the job front.

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