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While starting the year with Mars in your career sector is a huge advantage this is a leftover from your 2021 year, which the warrior planet of the cosmos will be working to capitalise on. Once Mars leaves on 25th January he won’t return to your work sector until later next year, with this is his only chance to have an impact on this professional year and he will be working to make it count. Mars returned to your career sector in December, just after a total solar eclipse and while the Sun was still here. This gave Mars a lot of momentum and a mandate while allowing you to begin the year with your warrior and competitive spirit fuelled from the start.

Once Mars leaves on 25th January, apart from a Full Moon in your work sector on 17th February and another in your career sector on 14th June there will be no planetary activity on either front until the second half of the year. However, there will always be a lot less pressure, with the North Node’s departure from your home and the South Node’s from your career sector on 19th January ending their 20 month mission to police your work/life balance. Things will start to move on the job front when Mercury returns to your work sector on 20th July, just three days ahead of the Sun on 23rd July. Held back by her retrograde phase Venus won’t return until 12th August but with Mercury leaving on 4th August and the Sun on 23rd August, once she leaves on 5th September this will end all planetary activity on the job front.

In all, your work sector is only active from 20th July to 5th September but they will be the most active and opportune weeks of the year on the job front. It is over two months later that Venus, the last planet to leave your work sector this year will be the first to return to your career sector on 16th November. This ushers in another short sharp but active period, this time on the career front, which will run from Venus’ return on 16th November to the Sun’s departure on 22nd December. While only a short five week period, this will not only come in time to bring this professional year home but in a way that will bring things full circle from the start Mars gave to the year.

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