Annual Overview

While Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion left Aquarius in the final days of 2021 and won’t be back until 2032, this will have a huge impact on the coming year and more so than would normally be the case. Jupiter’s departure brought the launch of this new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion to a close, planting seeds and beginning the dreams and quests that will continue to play out over the coming years. The difference this time is that you still have Saturn in Aquarius and will do until he leaves in March 2023. Jupiter has created the possibilities but Saturn is staying on with the discipline and focus that can help with the follow through.

A parade of planets, starting with Mercury’s return on 2nd January and ending with Mars’ departure on 15th April and includes your birthday month, will all tap into the possibilities that Jupiter has banked and to Saturn’s sense of resolve as they pass through. As each planet leaves Aquarius they will follow Jupiter into your income sector, starting with the Sun’s return on 19th February. To start with the Sun and Mercury will move through on their own but it is when Venus and Mars return that this lucrative year is likely to begin living up to its hype. It all comes down to the timing, with Venus returning on 6th April and Mars on 15th April. This comes just as Jupiter catches up and aligns with Neptune, bringing the planets of luck, dreams, money and passion together in a once in a lifetime alliance.

With Venus leaving on 3rd May, Jupiter on 11th May and Mars on 25th May, there is a sense of urgency you don’t have when the planet of luck and expansion is here for the whole year, with all three working to make their time together as lucrative as possible. It is then that all three will return to your communication sector within days of each other and where Jupiter will make his home until 28th October. This opens the doors to some important months for all aspects of communication. It is on 28th October that Jupiter will retrograde back into your income sector in order to tie up loose ends and to exploit untapped potential, before returning to your communication sector again on 21st December where it will stay until May 2023.


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