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While Jupiter spent two and a half months in Pisces in the middle part of 2021, this never got off the ground and was never meant to. Usually, when Jupiter returns to Pisces it is to spend 12 months getting a new 12 year Jupiter cycle off the ground. Instead, Jupiter returned in May 2021, paused at the door and then retrograded back out in July. During that time Jupiter not only observed, giving you a glimpse into the future before it arrived but spent time with dreamy Neptune. This allowed Jupiter to leave but Neptune to nurture the dream in his absence. This is part of the reason that while Jupiter returned to Pisces in the closing days of 2021 he will rush through in less than five months, leaving on 11th May.

Jupiter might be rushing through but thanks to the time he spent here last year, the opening of new doors and the planting of new seeds for the future doesn’t have to drag on. At the same time, knowing that Jupiter will return for a catch up from 28th October to 21st December means that if you overlook or forget anything, you can address it then. It is in between leaving Pisces on 11th May and returning on 28th October that Jupiter will not only return to your income sector but will bring Venus and Mars, the planets of money and passion with him. By then the Sun will have moved through but Venus’ return on 3rd May and Mars on 24th May will get these expansive five months off to a lucrative start.

Venus will leave on 29th May but Mars is here until 5th July and with the dwarf planet Eris here throughout that time, you will not only have the planet of luck and expansion working to make these some of the most lucrative months in over a decade but the warrior prince and princess of the cosmos. Mars will leave just before the first planet reaches your work sector on 20th July, with some active months on the job front through to 5th September giving income potential a vehicle. Life will also have its lighter side, with the South Node returning to an adventurous part of your chart on 19th January, where it will stay until July 2023. A total lunar eclipse here on 16th May and a solar eclipse on 25th October will give this a boost.


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