Annual Overview

In terms of the major planetary activity in 2022, much of what you experienced over recent years will stay the same, except this will see some areas become more prominent than they have been. Staying on a steady and even course are home and family matters, with Saturn staying on in your home and family sector after Jupiter left in the closing days of 2021. With Saturn not leaving until March 2023, he will maintain a steady course, making home and family matters the bedrock during the ever changing sands of 2022. This will get a boost in the early months of the year, with the Sun moving through from 20th January to 19th February while Mercury will move in and out between 2nd January and 10th March. However, it is when Venus and Mars both return on 6th March that this will really give home, family and/or property matters a boost.

It is then that Venus and Mars will follow Jupiter into a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, where he returned in the closing days of 2021 and with perfect timing. Venus will return on 6th April and Mars on 15th April, just as Jupiter finally catches up and aligns with Neptune. This is a major and a once in a lifetime coming together of the planets of luck, dreams, love and passion in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart. While Jupiter will normally spend 12 months here, less than five months after returning he will not only be on the move but will take Venus and Mars with him.

By the time Venus returns to your busy work sector on 3rd May the Sun and Mercury have already moved through, with Jupiter’s return on 11th May and Mars’ on 24th May completing what is a major swing and the start of the most expansive months for job growth and expansion in over a decade. While Venus will leave on 29th May and Mars on 5th July, Jupiter is here until 28th October and even then will retrograde back in on 21st December, where he will stay until May 2023. Meanwhile, an event on 19th January will take the lunar nodes out of your two money houses and put them on a more personal axis, this time with the North Node returning to your relationship sector and the South Node to Scorpio.


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