Annual Overview

Starting the year with Mars in Sagittarius is a huge advantage and especially as he returned during your birthday month and in time to catch the wave that the planets moving through during the latter part of 2021 have created. Knowing that once he leaves on 25th January he won’t return until later next year, Mars will be working to make his final weeks here count. No matter when in the year this would put Mars on a mission to fuel your passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit but that it happens just as you move into a new year makes this even more potent. Especially as the South Node will leave Sagittarius on 19th January, something that since early 2020 has kept you connected to the past.

It is then that Mars will join Venus in your income sector, just as the planet of money is preparing to come out of a retrograde phase here on 29th January that has turned her normal 24 day visit into a four month journey, spanning the final months of 2021 and the early months of 2022. Until they both leave on 6th March, Venus and Mars will be working to get the year off to a lucrative start. It is then that both will finally join Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in your communication sector. By then the Sun and Mercury will have already moved through and with the communication lines already open, Venus and Mars will know how to exploit this. Venus’ return on 3rd April and Mars’ on 15th April is just one reason this will be the most powerful point in Jupiter’s short visit.

It is on 3rd May that Venus will leave and return to your home and family sector, where once again the Sun and Mercury have already moved through. This time Venus returns ahead of Jupiter, who will return to begin some of the most expansive months for home, family and/or property matters on 11th May, with Mars joining them on 25th May. For Jupiter, this is a split visit, here until 28th October but returning again on 21st December, when he will then stay on until May 2023. Meanwhile, it is when Jupiter retrogrades back into your communication sector on 28th October that it will be to support Mars in the early months of what will become an eight month visit to your relationship sector, which will run from 20th August 2022 to 26th March 2023.


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