Annual Overview

There are some strong themes that will dominate 2022 but with the kind of balance that will create a lot of variety and with it a chance to find a better work/life balance. This is a big and important year on both the job and career fronts, while Jupiter is making this an expansive and opportune year on both the relationship and financial fronts. At the same time, the North Node’s return to an adventurous part of your chart on 19th January, right in the heart of Venus’ four month visit to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart makes it clear that life can’t be all work and no play. Jupiter only left your work sector in the final days of 2021 but with Saturn not leaving until March 2023, he will spend the whole of 2022 here.

This will create structure and focus, allowing you to follow through on the possibilities Jupiter has created the potential for. This will get a boost in the early months of the year and especially when Venus and Mars both return to your work sector on 6th March. Mars will also have a big impact at the other end of the year, when he returns for what should be a six week visit to your career sector on 20th August but won’t leave until March 2023, eight months later. As the most lucrative months of 2022 will run from 26th August to 30th October, this will create a stunning amount of support and potential across the income, work and career fronts.

Meanwhile, while Jupiter only returned to your relationship sector in the final days of 2021 he will race through, leaving on 11th May. While Jupiter will normally spend 12 months here, what he lacks in the amount of time he more than makes up for in the quality of that time, with April the most important month of the year on the relationship front. It is not just that this is when Jupiter and Neptune will align, for the first and only time here in our lifetime but they will be joined by Venus on 6th April and Mars on 15th April. This will see the planets of luck, dreams, love and passion come together to create something stunning. It is in May that Venus will swap out her planet of love hat for her planet of money hat, returning to your financial sector on 3rd May ahead of Jupiter’s return on 11th May and Mars on 24th May. This is when this A team will shift its focus from your relationships and onto money matters.


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