Annual Overview

The stars have dialled up an exciting year, with a lot of variety but also a sense of stability and of the familiar. While Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion only returned to your financial sector in the closing days of December, he had not only spent the middle months of 2021 here but joins up with Neptune again, who has been here since 2012. This means that while Jupiter is bringing fresh energy into money matters and the planets of luck and dreams are joining forces in order to turn financial dreams into reality and to create the potential for growth and expansion, this is building on from previous years. Jupiter is only here until 11th May but it is in April that he will not only align with Neptune but Venus and Mars will return to make his final weeks count.

It is then that things will take an exciting turn, with Jupiter returning to your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery for the first time in over a decade. It helps that Venus and Mars will follow him in, Venus on 3rd May and Mars on 25th May. This will see a desire and a passion for adventure kick in just as Jupiter returns to make this the luckiest and most expansive area of your chart. While Venus will leave on 29th May, Mars will continue to fuel a passion for adventure and a hunger for life’s richer experiences until he leaves on 5th July. Jupiter will leave on 28th October but will return on 21st December, where he will remain until May 2023.

Meanwhile, while Jupiter left your relationship sector at the end of last year, Saturn is here for the whole of 2022, with the relationship journey that began last year continuing. Your relationships will also get a boost from Venus and Mars, this time when they both return on 6th March. Until then, both are working to get this new professional year up to speed, something that will get a boost in January. A retrograde turn late last year means that instead of moving through your work sector in 24 days, Venus will have been here for four months by the time she leaves on 6th March. This comes just as Uranus’ turns direct in your career sector on 19th January, the same day that the North Node returns. Mars’ return to your work sector on 25th January and Venus’ direct turn on 29th January will create some unstoppable momentum.


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